Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Little Help Here????

I loaded this last week and started quilting it.
I was doing ruler work, straight lines from the corners to the center of each block, and SID around the circles/partial circles and then I was planning to use the Circle Lord to make a couple concentric circles/partial circles inside them.

The backing is a rust color and I had a white bobbin in the attach the batting to the backing and I forgot all about it until the machine beeped at me remind me that my bobbin was low. It was at that moment that I remembered that I had white thread in the bobbin. YIKES.....I spent hours Sunday taking out all the stitching.

Most of the quilt is not like that first corner though, it's more like these photos.

Without a zillion stops and starts, there's a lot of backtracking to get that kind of quilting done. Any ideas about other quilting ideas???


Diane said...

I've seen a quilt using that pattern done with similiar colors and the quilter did a baptist fan-it looked good. I did a black, white and red one and I did an all-over "ripple".
that's a shame you had to rip that all out because of bobbin thread--I sometimes just use whatever thread is left on my machine from the last quilt when I'm loading a new one. I'm going to be more careful now. Good luck with finding a quilt design you like.

Julianne's Machine Quilting said...

The quilt is kind of busy...I would find a panto with plenty of movement and just go for it.

Mel said...

Yes, an all over pantograph would be nice - I know you'll do a stunning job!