Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Who doesn't love a glass of wine while quilting?

I know that I sure do, although one glass, or maybe two is my limit. My face gets red as a fire truck and my shoulders feel like they could fall to the ground.

Anyway, Julie and I bought this wine making kit from Great Fermentations through Groupon. It retails for over $250, but our cost was only $90 and it will make 30 bottles of wine.

Our plan was to make this on Saturday, but that didn't happen. We drank a couple glasses of wine while watching the instructional DVD and decided it was too late in the day to start.

Someday soon we will put on our aprons and get it going.

To give this post some quilty content, here's a pic of my crayon challenge, all finished and ready for the July meeting. I finished the binding last night at the Old Tippe guild meeting and put the label on when I got home.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

I like your and the wine; 2 is about my limit also. I get red in the face as soon as any alcohol hits my tummy. But boy does it help with the FMQ haha!!!
our youngest made wine one year; no idea what kind;but it was very tastey...enjoy

LuAnn said...

I'm laughing out loud at your post. I have a basket block I appliqued after a couple glasses of wine. If it goes into a quilt I'm going to have to sew more onto it because it isn't even close to being centered. It does help with FMQ though.

kwiltnkats said...

Sounds like my kinda quilting group! Cheers. Sandi

Bonnie said...

Hey Miss Ruthie ... I'm way behind on reading so have several comments... your little twister quilt is fabulous. I just bought the tool at NQA. Love the baby quilt. I also really like the star pantograph you are using for QOV quilts. Very appropriate. And, I too like the butterfly panto -- probably because it was the first panto that looked really good after I did it! Thanks for sharing all of your happenings with us. Good luck on the wine making.