Thursday, January 19, 2012

Perfect Stitch and an Antique Quilt

No, not the stitch on one of my machines, it's the name of my husband's business. He took sewing machine repair classes last spring and has been servicing machines since June. He's learned a lot and it really amazes me how much he knows about them. He buys lots of machines, services them and then sells them. Santa brought him a sand blaster for Christmas this year and you have go to see what he has done with a very ugly, old machine.

The Antique Quilt
Betty brought me this grandmothers flower garden quilt and wanted it finished. It had been hand quilted and had about an inch of yucky batting sticking out on all sides. I said the only way I would fix it is to add a facing and turn it to the back and stitch it down. She said that would be fine and that's all done and now I will wash it. The difference in color really isn't as noticable as it looks in the photo.

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Amy said...

Your husband did an incredible job on the sewing machine!