Monday, May 28, 2012

Angie's Charmed and Dangerous

Angie brought this quilt a few weeks ago and said she liked the quilting on the cover of the pattern.

I duplicated it pretty closely.

The pattern had a large meander in the shapes around the 4-patches and I'm not sure what was in the outer borders. I chose to do something different in those shapes, and beadboard for the outer borders. The stippling around the feather flower and the continuous curves are from the pattern photo.

And the back:

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Maria said...

I am a long arm quilter (Gammill) from Sweden. I googled Charmed and dangerous and found your blog. I have a Statler and are wondering whats the name of the flower you have in the middle (if its a computerized pattern) I have a customer who also wants it quilted as it is on the cover. I really like your work, I hope you can help me with the name of the patterns that you have used. Thank you,