Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Class of 1972 Jefferson High School Reunion Quilt

Lacey's Way is the pattern we used for this quilt. I use that term loosely, as it was the inspiration for the quilt, however we did not use the pattern, per se.

When we were looking for a pattern on google images, this one caught our eye. I found out the name of the pattern and the designer. I emailed the designer and asked which of the 3 sizes listed was shown on the front of the pattern. Her reply was Lap size. Using the dimensions shown and her reply, I figured the blocks must be 8" and set 6 x 8. I drew out the block in Illustrator and this is what I came up with.

I wanted to make sure that was correct, so I emailed the designer back and asked her if I could purchase that pattern and have it sent via email. She agreed, I paid via PayPal and she emailed the file along with a warning that it was a copyrighted pattern and I was not to copy or share it with anyone.

I could see that it had a copyright as it was printed on the pattern and was a bit irritated by her warning to me. I did, after all pay for it and I can't remember a time when I purchased a pattern in a quilt shop and was warned about copying it.

So, I open the pattern and the block size is 12"!!!!
Which means that the quilt on the front cover is not a LAP QUILT, but a QUEEN SIZE. The lap quilt has only 24 blocks and I think you would lose a lot of the graphic punch with those large blocks and only 24 of them.

So, we used my cutting dimensions and her pattern has been filed away.
Here is the completed quilt (sideways):

I designed the back to commemorate our 40th class reunion and one lucky classmate will go home with it after the reunion.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

lovely quilt!!

Sheila said...

Your quilt is adorable; I love the colors.

You were very generous in giving credit to the purchased pattern (even though her block is exactly like the County Lines quilt block... just in a slightly different size and all made the same). ;>