Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wedding Bells

Let me introduce my grandson, Tony and his new bride Kendra!

They were married June 14th in an outdoor wedding at my daughters house. It was lovely! The weather was perfect, Kendra did an awesome job of coordinating the event.

She opted to not have a guest book, but instead asked me to make quilt blocks for the guests to sign.

Here are the blocks on my design wall before the wedding. The fabrics are green and brown batiks.

 I took the day before the wedding off from my 8-5 job and made the cupcakes, red velvet, chocolate and white.

Here are the white ones:

 The chocolate and white have buttercream icing. The chocolate ones used a more serrated tip and the red velvet with cream cheese filling and cream cheese icing has the smooth tops. My ex-husband made the cupcake stand.

Daughter, Julie, daughter-in-law Dané, Elizabeth, Calise and Andrew enjoying some family time together.

Here is my son, Jason, his wife, Kathy, ex-husband, Jack and Andrew, the Ring bearer.

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julieQ said...

So happy for a wonderful wedding in your family!! Pretty, pretty!