Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Napkins and Lots of Embroidery

I worked on these fabric tree napkins for a co-worker last night. I hope she likes them.

Across the room, my embroidery machine was stitching away. Well, with lots of help from me, as it's not as automatic as I might like it to be.

First up was these towels my friend Adrienne brought over. Her daughter is giving these to her boyfriends parents.

And a tennis towel:

Then these fleece throws that Janet brought:

Oops, I have no idea where the name Lilly came from, it was supposed to be Ryan. Maybe I'm not as good at multi-tasking as I thought....

Thank goodness I have my Christmas shopping done and have time for these little jobs for my friends.

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scraphappy said...

It must be so nice to have a machine that will do embroidery for you, even if it does take a bit of minding. Great work on the personalized gifts.