Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Couple of BIG Quilts

I finally got some photos of Angie's Turning Twenty quilt. Actually I took them just before she picked it up on Friday. She used a Red Rooster FQ tower from Erica's and It turned out great. Angie has only been quitling a little over a year and she has made some great quilts already.

The panto is Double Rose Vine by Norma Sharp and the thread is PermaCore Pine which blended quite nicely.

This one was made by Barb and I love the fabrics!

She likes her borders to be done separately, so I used Daisy Swirl by Jodi Beamish in the center and one row of Double Rose Vine in the borders. That meant unloading and reloading sideways to do the side borders, but I think it turned out great and she loved it.

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Jennifer said...

They both look great and I love the daisy swirl panto.