Sunday, May 1, 2011

Paducah 2011

We saw lots of flooded fields, but never saw a flooded road. Since the flood walls were up, I don't even have any idea how high the river was.

Only one time were the crowds not tolerable and that was Wednesday morning when it was pouring rain. The Pavilion was shoulder-to-shoulder and I thought I was going to explode. Patience isn't one of my finest virtues, you know.

We exchanged little gifts the first night and here's what I received, a sewing machine table mat with pockets, a potato bag, a little change or credit card holder, a sewing kit case that will hold a small mat and notions, a notepad with pencils, ribbon and a button, a needle case.

I made mug rugs to give:

This is what I got into my Fabric Flurry zip lock bags. Most of the pieces are half-yards. There are a couple one yard pieces and one FQ. I purchased 2 ziplock bags for $1.00 each and got to stuff them with all we could. You had to close the bag all the way. I was certainly happy that I was at the front of the line and actually stood right at the table.

Other purchase included stencils, some swag rulers, heart ruler, some quilt hangers, and a couple mini wholecloths.

More to come tomorrow...


Jennifer said...

You got great stuff! My mom has some water/floodgates on her blog (knitstitchquilt). Glad you were still able to enjoy the show!

Gari said...

Sounds like Paducah was fun and worthwhile. I hope to go next year: it will be a first for me.

fiberobsession said...

The road at Big Bear to the marina was clear on Thursday but Friday was totally under water. By Sat. it had come up even more. Luckily, it never got to our abode.

I didn't even measure how much fabric I got. I didn't want to be scared. I, too, still bought much less than most of the others.