Thursday, July 19, 2012

My New Quilting Assistant!

I have a new Assistant! My husband Dan has learned to use the longarm.

He has done 2 cheater quilts to be donated to the Veterans home, 2 NICU quilts that he loaded and quilted on the same backing and this big one.
Here he is checking the stitches on the back after he finished.

Dan really didn't have this quilt loaded for a week, I just haven't updated the blog. I think he may have had it on Mabel for 2 days, which is pretty good considering the quilt was 84x94.

We chose Erin as the pantograph, partly because it was already on the table and also, it's an easy one.

And here's the back:

He's doing a really good job!
When he's not working on the longarm, you might find him repairing a sewing machine. His blog is here. If you need a machine serviced, contact him through his blog.

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