Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Baby Toes

Don't you just love baby toes?

There's hardly anything sweeter in my opinion.

They do need to be covered by a quilt made by their grandma, though.

So, that means that I need to get busy and make a baby quilt, because we will have a new grandbaby in our family in September.
We just found out that my stepson Cory and his girlfriend Mandy are expecting. They live in Colorado, so it will be a long trip to go see this new little bundle of joy when it arrives.

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J-bird said...

OMG...Dan didn't tell me about that! Those boys have grown up. toes are definitely the best. Sad thing is with it being winter...we're covering our baby toes up all the time. I hardly see my lil girls toes!

Much love from the Lynn family out in Austin!,