Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some Catching Up!

This is what I've been doing for the past couple days:

Sue's sampler quilt that I finished on Sunday. It has Quilters Dream Request batting, which I usually don't like, but it worked out pretty well this time. The thread is PermaCore Gray, (I'm not exactly sure of the color) and I use prewound Masterpiece in the bobbin.

The back is a solid black, though it sure doesn't lookl like it in the bright sunlight, it really shows the Circle Lord Fan quilting well.

Purdue wall hanging progress:

I was going to add pieced borders to this one, but I may stop here, quilt and bind it and call it done.

Here's my practice for my feathers class:


Mimi said...

Your feathers are gorgeous!!!!

Bonnie said...

Wow, can I be you when I grow up? Your machine quilting is stunning... back to practice mode for me. B.

Cheryl Willis said...

Dropping in to say HI- I will enjoy reading your work. Great Feathers!- I need to take a class- I do border to border machine quiting (mostly b/c my machine is older and that is what works on it) I am loving what quilters can do now with the newer machines. cw

Jennifer said...

Beautiful quilting - what kind of machine is Mabel? Any where are you taking a class? I just live down the road from you in Indy so may be able to join up if it is nearby.