Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What a busy night!

Last night was Old Tippe guild - the business meeting and show 'n tell. There wasn't a lot of show 'n tell, so the meeting wasn't very long. There was a Quilt Show Committee Meeting afterwards, so I still got home at about the same time. I did get all the papers off the paper pieced blocks from yesterday while I was at the meeting.

When I arrived home, I got them all sewn together for Lisa's row-by-row. It turned out really nice. The pattern is at Quilters Cache and is called Duck Tracks.

The second second thing I worked on is this block, Pinwheel #8, from Quilters Cache also, is a presidents block for our outgoing president at Common Threads. Our meeting is tonight so it's a good thing I got it finished. This pattern is one that I tested for Marcia a while back. I needed an 8" finished block, so I put the pieces together and trimmed each of the quarter blocks to 4.5" and then sewed them together. A great way to decrease the size of this block.

EDIT: This shows how I cut the block segments. Of course, the ones that I did last night were not already sewn together as this block is, but they were in 4 segments. I laid the 4.5" ruler on top and aligned the 2.25 mark directly in the center of the intersecting triangles. I made sure that my corners were square with the seams and trimmed.


Bonnie said...

Just curious ... where did you trim to still get the nice points... ?

Like the duck tracks -- I may need to use some of her patterns rather than look at them.... wish there was a search to the patterns....
Bonnie at

QuiltSue said...

Your Pinwheel No 8 blocks are lovely.

carol said...

Love your duck tracks.

Mel said...

Hey Ruthie,
My hubby made chile verde tonight for dinner and put some of the peppers your husband sent in the mix. YUM-O

What a kick!

I think of you guys and your generosity every time we cook with the delicious peppers.