Monday, September 7, 2009

The Fourth Quilt is Loaded

I still have a few rows to do on the 4th one this weekend. I spent quite a bit of time today organizing my sewing room and getting ready for camp and that set me back a bit.

Last night we made salsa and it is yummy!

Then I finished the binding on this Quilt of Valor. Still need to make a pillowcase for it and then it will be ready to ship out.

It was a really easy quilt to asemble and the quilting is just a meander, so the binding was definately the most time consuming process of the whole thing.

I also loaded up 2 more boxes for IBOL. I probably included a good 15 yards, but didn't measure any of it, so I won't be including in it my stashbusting report. Tomorrow is the very last day to send your boxes, so if you haven't sent one yet...better get busy.

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jillquilts said...

Four quilts in a weekend is fantastic!!! That is awesome! Way to go!!