Saturday, April 3, 2010

How sweet is this?

I spent the afternoon at Julie and Jim's while they went out for their anniversary. Here is Elizabeth trying on her new dress and hat that Nana made for her last night. It's been a long time since I've done any garment sewing and it was certainly enjoyable. She wore the hat all afternoon.

Matt and I assembled Andrew's basketball center and then he spent some time with an Ipod, or maybe it was a game. He is quite the young man now and so helpful with the little kids.

Andrew's new basketball center.

Here's the back of her hat....cute, huh?

Before I left for home the kids had an easter egg hunt in the front yard. My phone battery was dead, so I didn't get any photos, but Julie said they would send me some.


Candace said...

Adorable children, and she looks so cute in her new outfit. Happy Easter!

Bonnie said...

oh my -- she looks so cute. I love the new togs. What a nice family you have.

And, how do you use so much fabric on a weekly basis? I was happy to use 8 yards for the whole month! Some month I'll finish a bunch of stuff and show lots of fabric usage... but not much is going to get finished this month... too much traveling.

JudyL said...

Doesn't she look so cute in her new outfit! They're all cute kids!