Thursday, April 29, 2010

Time Flys!

Well, I don't know if I've been having fun or not, but have been spring cleaning, so no quilting at all. The carpets have been cleaned, windows washed, and the quilts all washed. We have a new bed from Denver Mattress, so we're sleeping very well.

Here's a note to all longarmers:
If you think your zippered leaders are looking dingy, DO NOT take them off and throw them in the washer. Why? Because the canvas shrinks, but the zippers don't. I have brand new leaders ready to attach to my rollers. That's the job for this evening.

I do have the last quilt top that I made at Threads of Time quilt retreat last weekend to show.

This one is made of leftovers from the Fig Tree Club table runner that I made in Shipshewana. All the projects that I made were from leftovers.
In the past, I have stacked leftovers in a pile and then every so often, I would move them to the appropriate colored plastic shoe box. Well, I'm going to try to use them up so they don't have to be stored. These last 4 quilt tops have worked out well for me.

Here is the full shot of the memory quilt from mens dress shirts. It was shipped on Tuesday and received yesterday. I hope they will send me some photos of giving it to Mary's mom.


vivian said...

I have ruined a pair of zippered leaders by washing them too!! I am in need of some SERIOUS spring cleaning!

Diane said...

oh spring is definately here when the 'cleaning bug' hits! I did my bedroom over the weekend, had hubby flip the mattress and everything...nothing like a totally clean room, even tho' it's so much work.

Mimi said...

Those are great quilts. Makes me want to use up some of my scraps.