Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dawn's Quilt

A far-away friend, Dawn, sent me this quilt to quilt. One of my guilds has a retreat at Camp Tecumseh in a couple weeks and Dawn got to know some guild members, (online I believe) and she has become one of our regular campers. She has probably been attending this retreat longer than I have, but anyway, she sent me this lovely quilt which she wanted baptist fan quilting.

The quilting is perfect for this one. I used Permacore Dyed Natural thread, after sending her pics of many thread choices. She couldn't tell by just looking at the thread cones, so I picked this one and I hope she likes it.

See you in a couple weeks, Dawn!


Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh it is PERFECT! That is a perfect thread choice! And those fans are just so perfect for that quilt! THANK YOU!!! See you soon! I can't wait to have a weekend of sewing!

Celia said...

Very nice quilt and the simple blocks are so effective...well done