Monday, August 8, 2011

What Is This?

Anyone have any idea what this is?

It was in the drawer of a sewing cabinet and has the word SIMANCO stamped on it.


Bobbie said...

I did a google search, and found that SIMANCO stands for Singer Manufacturing Co. I also found a picture that may be a match for YOUR mystery item. It is an accessory for The Vintage Singer Model 301, the first slant-needle sewing machine. The part is a

"Stocking Darner #35776: works on all lock stitch sewing machine. For mending stocking or socks."

The webpage I found this on is:

It is the last item on the page.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Well how about that! I found a page showing how it is used! I would have never guessed!

Bobbie said...

Very interesting to see the item in use!

Do you think we will win PRIZES for coming up with answers? ;)

Rosa Robichaud said...

Dunno. When I FIRST saw the picture, I thought it was something that goes around your upper arm, to hold your rolled up shirt sleeves and you put a bunch of keys on the rings.

You know, someone that worked with a lot of keys, might have used that.

Then, when I read your text, I thought, "Oh no. Not even close, Rosa."


Glad the mystery has been resolved!

Rosa Robichaud
Saint John, New Brunswick

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh Bobbie, that would be fun! But I think my prize will be the quilt Ruthie has of mine and I"m picking up in Sept when I go down to retreat with her! I can't wait for a weekend of fun and quilting!