Monday, September 19, 2011

Linkin' Logs

My last Scrap Squad quilt I finished is Linkin'Logs. The pattern, featured in the September/October 11 issue was designed by June Dudley, Editor-in-Chief of Quiltmaker magazine.

June's quilt uses a black background, 2 orange prints and 2 green prints. My version started with these gold prints.

I decided with all these different prints, I might have a hard time making 12 Block Z's, so I made mine using a snowball block and a block that starts with a partial seam. I played around with EQ and came up with this grid and these ideas. My original idea was to use black, black on white and white on black for the logs and gold for the background. I changed my mind and used 5 different blacks and 31 golds.

I cut a small piece of each gold fabric and glued them to my guide. I also numbered each block on my guide and each actual block as I made it.

I cut one 2.5" strip of each gold and subcut that into four 6.5" rectangles and four 2.5" squares for the inside links. The outside links use two 8.5" and two 6.5" rectangles and four 2.5" squares.

Unlike the original pattern, I chose to complete my outside links.

I love the diagonal corners and think it will go great on a future Purdue University student's dorm bed.

I quilted it with black thread and Fay Feathers pantograph, and used a black Hobbs 80/20 batting.

Now, for the rest of the story.....

Here's my first one.

I got it mostly put together and wasn't happy with the lack of contrast in the gold fabrics. So, I cut another strip of each gold and added a couple lighter ones and started over. On this one, I cut off each link at the seam before the break in the link. I donated this one to the Duke Smyser Chili Blast and was told that the recipient loved it.


Jennifer said...

Stunning! Love the diagonal corners too.

Bonnie said...

Ruth -- I love the colors on this version. Wow. And, I like the corners... it makes it more interesting. Nice job.

Mimi said...

I really like that pattern. It looks great!

Gari said...

This just looks so complicated but beautiful.

Claire said...

I like both is fun to see a variation on a theme...I am usually too busy moving on to the next thing (quilt, knitting project, book).

Baby is cute too--hope the light did its thing and all is well


Leah D said...

Is it possible to get the EQ file that you used? I would like to do something similar using blue and gold. I have EQ6.