Saturday, September 24, 2011

Carla's small quilts

I quilted the little quilts for Carla on Thursday evening.
This one matches her king size quilt that I quilted a month or so ago.

I actually might like the back better than the front:

This one looked like it just needed a baptist fan to me, so that's what it got.

When I can got 2 of these done in an evening, I feel really productive, and that's not something I've been feeling lately.


Helen said...

VERY VERY NICE. And I agree Baptist Fan also, took one off the frame today that also had a calling for Baptist Fan as well.

jillquilts said...

Granted I have a much smaller throat space than you do, but to get 2 quilts done in an evening to feel productive.... Man!! Getting just ONE done in an evening would be enough for me! lol

And your popcorn looks great! When I do mine, I never hit the points and it just looks wonky in a lot of spots. lol