Sunday, November 6, 2011

Karen's 10-Minute Block Quilt

My next door neighbor for 30-some years has cancer. Her family and employees of Alcoa, Lafayette have been working on the inside of her home, much like Extreme Home Makeover. She got a new kitchen, 2 new baths, and new flooring in most of the house. She was able to return home yesterday and after giving her time to settle in, I went next door and gave her this quilt. Her favorite color is purple and she actually has lavendar trim on her house. She was thrilled and layed it over the back of her black leather sofa.

The blocks in this quilt really are 10-minute ones. Each of the 12 blocks was made with five 9.25" squares.

The quilting is a ribbon meander with a little flower in the center of the blocks.

Hobbs 80/20 batting and Permacore orchid thread.

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Cheryl Willis said...

very nice, a gift to treasure.