Monday, October 1, 2012

ARGGHHH - Bleeding Clothes

Here is the quilt made from Peg's Hawaiian clothing. I loved how it turned out and was so excited to present it toher sister, Nedra. She wasn't available to pick it up, so I thought I would go ahead and wash it so it was nice and soft.

Took it out of the washer and I was heart-broken!!!! I certainly hadn't thought of these fabrics bleeding. They seemed to have been well worn, but maybe not, because the blue, the red and the purple fabrics bled like crazy. I threw in some color catchers and they came out pretty blue. The next time the blue lighter, but still on the quilt. It was Saturday, late in the day and I didn't have any Syntrapol, so I made a trip to Joanns and bought some Dye Fixative. I filled the washer with hot water and added the fixative and let the washer run for a bit, then added the quilt. I let it sit overnight and then washed it again. It is lighter, but still visable. This is the worst of the bleeding.
It's still a treasure for her family and I learned a valuable lesson here.

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Mary-Kay said...

I can feel your pain. I made a quilt with some fabric that was printed with strips to look kind of like a jelly roll in browns, beiges with some black also. I marked it with chalk when I quilted it and I decided to wash it before I gave it away. The black ran through the quilt into the batting and the backing. It didn't run into the beige that was right beside it. Go figure! I couldn't find my Retayne so I washed it again with all-fabric bleach and most of it came out. Hardly noticable but only to me.