Monday, March 30, 2009

I didn't spend all weekend quilting!

I got some hugs from these 2 cuties:
Here's Elizabeth, who will be growing some hair really soon.

Andrew, who was not feeling well and made a trip to Urgent Care for an ear infection.

I don't think I shared these darling photos of Andrew in his tux for Jason and Kathy's wedding. The first one show his apparent displeasure with his outfit and the second one makes me think that he has said, "Yes, I like wearing this!" (notice that he has his fingers crossed in the second one.)


Judy Laquidara said...

Andrew is a doll in his tux! Sorry he was feeling bad . . hope he's better by now. Elizabeth is growing so quickly. Chad was almost a year old before he got hair but when he got it, he got a great head of hair . . still has wonderful hair.

Jeanne said...

Such cuties! In the first picture of Andrew in his tux, I thought there was a halo above his head. I need my glasses.