Friday, March 27, 2009

Quilt Magazines

Hmmmm, I am really re-thinking my subscriptions these days.

First off, last year I had a quilt featured in Quiltmaker Magazine and was to be paid $50 and receive a complimentary copy of the magazine it appeared in. I waited about 2 months after the issue was available and sent an email asking about my complimentary copy. I received a reply stating that they were just a little behind and it would go in the mail that week. I didn't ask about the money, just assumed it would come with the magazine. That was in November 2008 (I just checked my email). Last month I received a letter from CK Media stating they were undergoing financial reorganization and it included a form for me to sign to accept a settlement of 40% of the amount owed me. I signed the form and faxed it back on March 2nd. I still haven't received the issue or the money.

Second thing much do you pay for Quilter's Home magazine?

I received a packet in the mail for a new subscription and sent back the card. I have some friends that really like the magazine and thought I would try it for a year. I received my first issue along with an invoice for $29.99. I was writing out the check last night and thought, "wow, that's expensive!" I opened the magazine to see that the subscription price printed in THEIR magazine is $24.99/year. That's for 6 issues and my invoice is also for 6 issues.
I called this morning and was told that they would send me a new invoice for $24.99. No apology, no explanation, nothing. I think I should have said "NO THANK YOU," and I still may call back to say that.


Penny said...

That's annoying about the complementary copy - have you got another copy of the magazine anyway?

Purple and Paisley said...

ouch - magazines are a rip off...i subscribe to american patchwork and quilting and that's it...i get the others at my library...that's terrible about your $50.00...and i do enjoy reading quilter's home (the articles) but i never find anything i actually want to make...good luck, ruthie!

Ann Champion said...

I'm so sorry to hear you were treated this way by CK Media. Apparently, there are quite a few people that were cheated like this? I think it's just awful that they used your work and didn't compensate you for it!
They cheated me too..and then had the gall to ask for more of my designs. I know that feeling of going to get your mail each day..hoping the magazine or your check will be there. :( CK was bad..and the new company that bought them out doesn't seem to be any better? I guess all we can do is get the word out..and not buy their product?

Kathleen said...

sorry to hear about your experience and an stunned at the cavalier way they treat their contributors

Grandma Shell said...

The more I hear about how these magazines are ripping quilters the more I am inclined to not renew my subscriptions at the very least. $50 is pretty cheap, especially considering all the work you ladies go to. So is $300 for that matter. I enjoy the eye candy but... I can find many,many quilt patterns on the Internet. (many of them free!)


Betty said...

The 'cheapest' way to get Quilters HOme magazine is to buy it at a venue like Houston Festival. I bought it at the 2008 Festival 2 Years for $25.00.

Our guild also sells subscriptions and gets a portion of the subscription prices for their trouble.