Friday, December 18, 2009

Shipshewana 2010 Update

I've received deposits and forms from 38 quilters and I have 4 that have been listed as roommates. As of now I'm saving a place for them even though I haven't gotten their money/forms yet.

I just got off the phone with the Farmstead Inn and it looks like we can take another 3-4 participants and that's all, otherwise the sewing room may be too crowded.

To say I'm pleased with the response would be an understatement. I realize that one could have reservations about sending in a deposit for a retreat to someone you don't know, but I'm glad you have faith in me to provide you with a wonderful retreat experience. I'm sure you are as anxious as I am to work on another JudyL Mystery Quilt.

So, if you've been planning to send in your forms, please do it soon. To those who are registered, I look forward to meeting you and if you owe a balance, I will send out a reminder closer to the retreat.

Happy Quilting!


jillquilts said...

Thanks for the kick in the pants! I have been thinking about sending in my money for weeks! I have printed the form and am sending it now!

Karen said...

When I first signed up, I thought October 2010 was so far away. Now it's less than a year. My vacation request is approved. I'm excited and looking forward to meeting all my new quilting friends from across the country. I'm already starting to think about what I will need to bring. :)

Happy Holidays!


Sandy said...

Ruthie, I don't remember if I told you or not but I am not planning on going after all. Sorry about that.