Monday, December 7, 2009

Cute, Cute, Cute!

That's what I say about these little things I created tonight.

A good friend is expecting her first baby in February, a girl, and we are having lunch tomorrow. I just had to have a Christmas gift, or two, for baby Maddie. I put together these "designer" burb cloths. They are just a prefolded cloth diaper with a cute fabric strip and some trim on both long sides. Aren't they darling?

Then a little bib for Maddie. I know she won't be wearing this for quite a while, but I want to be sure she knows she's a princess.

Then I made some more burb cloths for our grandson who will be born in March in Colorado. Do these fabrics look familiar? The are the leftovers from his giraffe quilt.

I washed all the fabrics and the diapers before I started and every one of the diapers looks like this on the ends.

Of course, Miss Elizabeth will need a new bib for Christmas, so I made this for her.

I also had the embroidery machine going while I was working...making 2 quilt labels for friends. It was a busy night and I suppose I should have been quilting or sewing binding, but I felt the need to be creative.


Gari said...

Oh, I love your burp cloths and bibs. I have done both in the past but we have no babies on the horizon. And, I think creative people need diversity: my embroidery machine goes quite often because it is almost instant gratification.

Sarah said...

Love the burp cloths!