Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard Quilting & Best Quilting Blogs!

What do you do at the start of a blizzard?

Quilt, of course!

Last night was the beginning with just a bit of snow, and then sleet. Now, we're in the calm before the real storm, I guess. We're supposed to get up to a foot of snow starting this afternoon and continuing into tomorrow.

I quilted these two little quilts last night, the first one is one of my UFO's. It is Christmas Tree Lotto Blocks that I won from Patches Quilt Works here.
I added a border a while back and it's been hanging since then. Quilting the Winter Pines last week motivated me to do this one also.

Then I loaded and quilted the baby squares quilt.

At least I'll have some bindings to do while the snow falls.

I've been featured on Guide to Art Schools' list of the Top Quilting Blogs. I'm not quite sure why as there are hundreds of blogs out there much more interesting than mine, but I'm honored just the same. Check out the link on my sidebar.


Cheryl Willis said...

Blizzard, I fill the bath tub with water so if we loose power I can still flush -lol I also prepared quilt activities to do in all stages. sew if power, cut if not. works for me, a couple of snow days and I can kit up a years worth of fun TO DO's

Ruthie said...

Great idea Cheryl. I'll have Dan fill up the tub. I could sure use a snow day!

Jennifer said...

Congrats on all the quilting and the blog nod! Hope your weather is better than ours - sheets of ice coming down for the past 2 hours.