Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas stockings

Last year my daughter-in-law asked me about making them some Christmas stockings and I didn't get them made. Calise was only 3 months old for Christmas last year and it really wasn't that important to have them.

I finally got them made last week and took them to Jeff and Dane at our Thanksgiving dinner at Julie's house.

Dan and I had a discussion about who's name should be on which stocking. My thought was that Jeff should be the reindeer because, well, reindeer are most likely male, in my mind anyway. Since there isn't a Baby Jesus on one of the stockings, the next star of the season would be Santa Claus and Calise should have that one, leaving Dané as the snowman. Hmmm, I guess the snowman should have been a snow woman.

Dan's thought was that Jeff should be Santa Claus, Dané should be Santa's helper, the reindeer, and Calise should be the snowman.

As you can see, I went with Dan's suggestion.

These ended up being 20" from top to toe and 6.5" wide. If I make them again, I will probably make them a little wider.

I purchased pre-quilted fabric and machine appliqued the design. I had these cute tiny buttons for the eyes, mouth and snowman's buttons.

The lining fabrics coordinate with the front design.

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