Monday, November 12, 2012

My Short List

Vicky over at LA Quilter and Carolyn over at Lakeside Quilting are holding hands and starting a project they call The Short List. I plan to have most, if not all, of my customer quilts done by December 1st, so I can work on some of my own projects.

1. Brown quilt for Matt - needs quilted and bound
2. Red quilt for Granddaughter Jessica - needs quilted and bound
3. 1600 quilt for Step-granddaughter Sarah - needs borders, quilted and bound
4. Stockings for Jeff, Dane and Calise - these need to be done by Thanksgiving!
5. Quilt for Baby Drew - it's just blocks on the design wall now
6. Quilt for Ashleigh's baby girl - needs quilted and bound

Doesn't seem like a very short list, but I think it's do-able!


Tammy said...

Good luck with your short list! I'm sure you'll complete it. I just pieced a top today for a quilt for my grandma. Now to get it quilted and bound. I have a few more other small projects to get done before Christmas.

Carolyn said...

Welcome! I'm so excited to get my projects done, can't wait to see your quilts!

* said...

I, too, have a short list. Mine has all my Christmas gifts done by Thanksgiving so I can enjoy the whole season while working on new/fun/nondeadline projects.

Vicky said...

Great list! If anyone can do it, Ruthie, you can! We'll have fun!