Monday, June 26, 2017

Crazy Mom Quilts Workshop

A week ago Saturday, my friend Annette and I drove up to Butler Indiana to attend a workshop with Amanda Jean from Crazy Mom Quilts.   I used to read her blog faithfully, but I haven't been doing much blog reading lately.  Facebook seems to take my online time.  Maybe I will get back into the
swing of things. Anyway back to the workshop.

 We were required to have the book "No Scrap Left Behind". There are several quilts that I would be interested in making but I couldn't decide which one. I actually took along leftovers from Matt's quilt that are all browns tans and creams, the leftovers from Amish with a twist three,  and I also took a bag of scraps that I got from our local quilts for kids scrap bag challenge. This was a grocery bag with scraps to use to make a quilt.

After seeing Amanda's quilts I decided to go with the Scrap Bag Challenge.  Here are some of my scraps cut into strips.

 And here are some of my blocks that have been trimmed.

Here are the blocks in the pattern layout. We were trying to decide what color to make the big blocks and Terry suggested Spring Green.  The day went by really fast and before long it was time to pack up and go home.


That night I was showing my husband the blocks and I was looking for a fabric with polkadots on it for the small squares. In my polkadot drawer and there was this pink and brown fabric and he said that's the one you need to use for the big squares. I found another with bigger circles that I fussy cut for the small squares.

Here's the top:

I quilted it  and then asked for his opinion on the binding. LOL. He's pretty good with picking out colors. Since there's so much pink in this quilt we actually decided on a pink binding.

And I'm handstitching that down now.