Saturday, February 17, 2018

Welcome Back.

I was looking for a quilt pattern today and knew I had a picture on my blog, so here I am. Decided to post while I was here.

What's new?

I have a new website, created by me and Go Daddy's Website Builder. My old website was done by my husband using Front Page. Boy was that a long time ago. Ruthies Quilting celebrated 10 years last July. I should add up how many quilts have been quilted on Mabel. Last year was around 270.

This past week at Ruthie's Quilting:

 I made this quilt for Craftsy and I love how it turned out. It went together perfectly and I have already gone through my batik totes to pick out the 16 FQs to cut up and take to my retreat March 1.

I quilted this for Debbie this week. The backing was a thick furry purple. I failed to get a pic of the back, but it looked awesome with the Ripples quilting.