Thursday, August 27, 2015

My First Barn Quilt

This quilt has been weeks in the making by Dan and I. It was a fun project and I intend to make more.

The things I have learned:
  • Frog Tape works much better than blue Painters tape.
  • Check the mis-mixed paint shelves in your local paint departments. Menards has gallons for $5, Lowes charges $9. I also got some from the Habitat for Humanity Restore Shop for $2-3/quart. These were good colors, so I was happy to pay that.
  • Transfer some of the paint into a plastic throwaway container. Since you need 3-4 coats, it's much easier to get in to than a paint can.

Here are some in-progress pics:

Friday, August 21, 2015

Another Eat, Play, Sleep, Repeat Quilt

Last night was the Bingo Extravaganza and I'm happy to report that the baby quilt basket brought them $130. More would have been nice, but I know that someone who wanted it placed the winning bid. So yea! Success!

Here is the second of these Moda quilts. This one is for Kaison in Colorado.

I quilted it with Here Comes The Sun panto and Omni gray thread.

I made burp cloths to match

And a taggie blanket.

It wasn't until I took the final photos of this quilt that I realized the 't' in repeat is lined up with the top of the 'a' rather than the bottom of the 'a'.

The package has been received and is well liked.  When I mentioned it to Mandy, she replied, "My grandmother always said nothing is ever perfect and she made a small mistake in every quilt she made. It makes this quilt so much more special." That made me feel pretty good."

Here's the backing, which I love, although Dan didn't care for it. (and Dottie agreed with him!)

Friday, August 14, 2015

Sunshine Baby Gift Basket

Lafayette Transitional Housing is holding their annual BINGO and Auction Extravaganza on August 20th. I have donated a quilt to this event several times and was always suprised at how little they made on a quilt in the auction. This year, I thought I would try something a little different and I put together this basket of handmade items for a baby.

First is the quilt, which is small, only 36 x 43, but cute as can be. The pattern can be found at Moda Bakeshop.

Next are the cute coordinating burp cloths. These are made by stitching 3 fabric strips together and sewing them to a pre-folded diaper. I like to give these to a new mother along with a baby quilt.

How cute are these little bibs? I found a pattern online, but can't find it again. All I printed out was the cutting page, so if I make them again I will probably try to find the original pattern. The backs of these are washcloths, so nice and absorbent.

Then I used my serger to make these cute receiving blankets. They are about 36" square, so not even a yard of fabric. You could make these any size you want.

I had to include a taggie blanket for baby to play with. These are fun to make and I just happened to have a leftover piece of gray minkee for the back.

The bath mitt and baby wash were from the Dollar Tree and I bought the basket and the letters at Michaels. A little Gorrilla Glue to attache the letters and there you have it.

A very cute item for their auction.

 Tickets are on sale now for this event here. You will also be able to bid on items online. So, buy your tickets or register for online bidding if you would like to have this cute Sunshine Baby Gift Basket.