Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville Mystery, Good Fortune

I have finished the first clue to this years mystery quilt. I'm not sure I will keep up but I'm going to try.

Last week I purchased a new-to-me 1948 Featherweight from a friend who's husband got it at a sale. Dan did a once-over on it and it sews like a dream.

Here's my Clue 1 pieces:

The whole bunch of them:

Look at these cute neutral fabrics:

A martini and potato chips! How fun!

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Birthday Quilts

Planning to make a quilt for Bella’s birthday, I asked Kathy what she likes. Butterflies, mermaids, My Little Pony, Hello Kitty, and Peppa Pig, so a trip to Joanns for a half-yard of the last three. The rest was already in my sewing room just waiting for the perfect quilt. 

I got all the pieces cut and enlisted Elizabeth’s help in laying the pieces out while I stayed with the kids last weekend. It was sewn together Sunday/Monday. Quilted on Tuesday. 

I was planning to make a pillowcase for the quilt and one for her brother, Robbie, too. Then I decided to make him a quilt also. Jason said he likes dinosaurs, so the search for Dino quilts began. I saw this cute panel.  What could be easier than adding borders to a panel? Perfect fabrics in my stash for this one too! 

Quilted on Friday morning, bound Friday evening. Pillowcases were made this morning. 

I think they like them!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Shipshewana Spring 2018

Here's the email I just sent to those attending the May retreat in Shipshewana.

Can you believe it's April 9th already and here in Lafayette it's snowing again. It's supposed to be in the 70s later this week.
In a little over 5 weeks we will be enjoying our retreat in Shipshewana. It seems like it takes forever to get here, and then the time finally comes and then it's over, just like that! Here are some need-to-know details of the retreat. If you have attended in the past, much of the information is the same.
I hope you are all as excited as I am to be preparing for the Threads of Mine/The Quilting Room Retreat in Shipshewana. This Spring we are happy to have some members of The Quilting Room FB group join us again.  Since we have quilters from across the United States, I will have a map at the retreat showing where we are all from. We all have the same passion and love to share our ideas. Some of the best friendships start at a quilting retreat.

Quilters Garage Sale
We will have a  table for you to place quilt related items for sale. You price them and include your name. All items must be taken with you if they don't sell. (Judy Clare has a set of Red Snappers to sell for $25. She will bring them if someone might be interested.)

I'm putting together a directory which will include: name, address, phone, email. If you do NOT want your information published, please let me know by May 1st. If your information has changed from last year or there was an error in the directory last year, let me know that also.

Arrival/Departure Time
The retreat begins at 11:00 am on Thursday, May 17. The doors will be open by 11:00 am, but may be open earlier if we are done with setup.
Checkout time on Sunday is 11:00 am and we must be out of the sewing room by 11:00 am also.

Room Setup
The room will be setup much like the Fall retreats as we have 70 quilters attending.  Each quilter will have an 8' table. (You may bring your small sewing table.) There will be several ironing stations around the room, so it isn't necessary to bring an iron, although you may if you wish. We tend to trip circuit breakers if we have too many irons. The Farmstead Inn provides us with extension cords, surge protectors, a waste basket and chair at each table. I prefer to bring my own chair with wheels. If you are not flying in and have room it's a good idea.

Show & Tell
I expect everyone to participate in Introductions on Thursday night at 7:30 and we will have Show & Tell on Friday and Saturday nights at around 7:30-8:00, with group pictures immediately following on Saturday. Your Show and Tell does not have to be made at the retreat. You may bring other projects to show. How about bringing a project you started at a previous retreat? These are the only scheduled events at the retreat.

A nice continental breakfast is served each morning in the dining area. Your other meals are on your own and there are lots of possibilities to choose from.

Drinks and Snacks
Coffee is provided in our kitchen area and also a couple other locations at the Farmstead Inn. We will have soft drinks, water and ice available. You may bring a snack to share, but no crock pots, please. There is very limited mini-fridge space. Paper plates, napkins and silverware will be provided. The Farmstead Inn is smoke-free and alcohol-free. Any room with evidence is considered in violation of this policy and will be charged and additional $150.

To commemorate our this years retreat you may purchase a pin or charm. See attachment for details.
Pin: $4 - 3/4" pin with a 2018 quilt block
Charm: $4 - 1/2" charm with a 2018 quilt block
If you would like to place an order for one of these items, let me know by May 1st.
I'm still working on shirts, bags and mugs.

If this is your first retreat at the Farmstead Inn, you will pull into the drive and continue around the building to the back side. Enter at the Conference Center entrance and we will have luggage carts at the doors for your convenience. The guest rooms will not be available until 3:00 pm.

If you have a friend attending that does not have email, please share this with them.
Any other questions, please let me know.


Saturday, February 17, 2018

Welcome Back.

I was looking for a quilt pattern today and knew I had a picture on my blog, so here I am. Decided to post while I was here.

What's new?

I have a new website, created by me and Go Daddy's Website Builder. My old website was done by my husband using Front Page. Boy was that a long time ago. Ruthies Quilting celebrated 10 years last July. I should add up how many quilts have been quilted on Mabel. Last year was around 270.

This past week at Ruthie's Quilting:

 I made this quilt for Craftsy and I love how it turned out. It went together perfectly and I have already gone through my batik totes to pick out the 16 FQs to cut up and take to my retreat March 1.

I quilted this for Debbie this week. The backing was a thick furry purple. I failed to get a pic of the back, but it looked awesome with the Ripples quilting.