Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Signature Boats

Stefani - if you are reading this - STOP NOW!

This is going to be a surprise for you!

Here's the Signature Baby Shower Boats, all quilted, bound and ready for Stef and David's baby boy, set to arrive in two weeks.

The pattern is one that I designed myself. I've made quite a few signature baby quilts and love to come up with new ideas. The sails were made by cutting a sheet of Printed Treasures in half and then cutting on the diagonal, making 4 sail pieces with each sheet (because it was a couple hours before the shower and I didn't want to take the time to press freezer paper onto fabric and cut it out).

The boat bottom is a rectangle with water fabric sewn on each end. They are all different sizes to mix it up a bit. As you can see, I used red cornerstones and I'm happy with that decision.

The quilting is pretty minimal, some clouds, some water, some squiggly lines in the sashing and echos in the boats. I may or may not add some quilting on the sails with monopoly thread. Right now, I think not, but you know I have two weeks to change my mind, or maybe not if the little guy decides to make an appearance early.

I used all permacore thread and Hobbs 80/20 batting and here's the backing:


carmen said...

Great Sail boats,. thank you for your comment on my blog, No I have not pick-up a pattern I'm so behind. I will have to burn the midnigth oil to finish.

dianne said...

what a sweet idea for a boy! love those boats!

Vicki W said...

that is sooooo cute!