Sunday, July 5, 2009

No Quilting, But A Lot of Sewing!

I power washed the front of the house this morning and that just about wore me out. But after some lunch from Moe's, I was ready to sew.

I made this amp cover for one of Dan's friends this afternoon. We made a trip to Walmart yesterday and got the black canvas. I've made a couple of these and they aren't very hard to make. The ones I made before just had Fray-Check applied to the seams, but since I have a serger now, I used that.

Just look at the nice stitches it makes.

While I had the serger out, I made some diaper sized burp cloths for Stefani. They have 2-3 layers in the center just like the ones you can buy. A package of 3 at the Gap is $18.50. I bought 2 yards of flannel at Joanns for $2.99/yard. I made 5 and still have some leftover.

Here are the front and back of a bear in the works for Elizabeth. I need to buy a nose and some eyes before I go any further with it.

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