Friday, July 31, 2009

Please, Just Tell Me The Truth!

I am so frustrated by asking a question of a salesperson/company representative and getting only the information they are willing to share at that time.

When I purchased my new KIA from Bob Rohrman KIA, I called in the afternoon to find out the total price and I actually stated, “How much will I need to write my check for?” When we went to pick the vehicle up, the finance manager had all the paperwork drawn up and the FINAL PRICE was $149 more than the price I was quoted over the phone.

The difference was the Tire Tax and Document Fee. HUH?

Well, according to the State of Indiana website the tire tax is 25 cents per tire.

5 Tires came with my new KIA, so, the Tire Tax is $1.25 and the Document Fee is $148.75.
I am appaled that they can charge that much to process the documents for purchasing a new vehicle. Of course, I wanted the vehicle, so I paid the $149, but was frustrated.

My IPhone
I purchased an I-Phone 3G on May 30th and was quite happy with it. They came out with an I-Phone 3GS several weeks later and a co-worker who had made a purchase a week before me said she was upgrading to the new phone.

I called the local AT&T Store and asked how much it would cost me to trade in my I-Phone 3G for an I-Phone 3GS. I would have to pay the difference between the 2 phones, which was $100, plus a 10% restocking fee.

So, I packaged up my phone and took it to the AT&T Store. They were having computer issues and couldn’t process my order. They did run my credit card for the entire price of the phone $199 + tax and said I would receive a refund when my new phone came in. The new one came in 10 days later so I took my old one in, got the new one and I was issued my credit of about $90.

So, that all worked out fine until I got my second bill this week and there is a one-time upgrade fee of $18 plus taxes adding up to $25. When I called AT&T to ask about it, they said it was on my paperwork that I received when I ordered my new I-Phone 3GS. I argued that I left the store with no paperwork, through no fault of my own. I explained that I had called to find out EXACTLY HOW MUCH IT WOULD COST ME TO UPGRADE TO THE NEW PHONE. No amount of talking could convince them to take those charges off.

It wouldn’t have been a big deal to pay these amounts if these companies had given me the final cost that I asked for.


Mel said...

Corporations are sneaky!!

Mimi said...

Oh brother! I guess the lesson here is to get it in writing or come with a blank check. So sorry you are having to deal with all that.