Sunday, July 5, 2009

Private Property?

Is my yard....the one we mow and trim the bushes...our private property? Do we need to post a sign within the city limits stating that? How about 1/2 of the driveway (which is a double wide and we share with the neighbors)....

Our neighborhood does not have sidewalks, so our yard is right there at the street edge. At 11:00 last night the street in front of our house was FULL of people, that we don't know, that don't even live near us, and apparently, people that spent lots of money on fireworks. The neighbors we share a driveway with also must have spent lots of money. Which....who cares how much they spent, that's not the point, but they did light fireworks for a very long time.

The point is that some of those people were in our yard, and in our driveway. When my husband went outside to say something, was told that it's a public street and to call the F.... police if he wanted. So, he came inside and called the police.
A lot of good that did! He was told there wasn't anything they could do until after midnight (the ending time for fireworks in our city).

They did send a patrol car out and he sat at the end of the street until midnight and then drove by and said, "It's midnight, no more fireworks."

I will go out and pick up all the debris before we mow the grass, but I'm certainly not looking forward to speaking to my neighbors today.

I want to know who will clean up the street!
I believe that it's time to sell this house!

Updated Sunday noon: Oh yea, more fireworks today!


Mimi said...

I can imagine that sharing the driveway doesn't make it easy. Hope today goes better.

marilyn said...

I used to have rude neighbors like that and not amount of talking to ever changed them. We finally moved and our neighborhood was silent last night. Hope you can find some peace today and maybe your neighbors will move :)