Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saundra's T-shirt Quilt

Saundrea made this for her adult son and it's the first ever quilt for her. She had heard of t-shirt quilts and stopped at Rossville Quilts one day early this year to find out if they could help her. They pointed her in my direction and she came over with boxes of t-shirts. I showed her the fusible interfacing and how to get started. She came back a few months later with nice fused 12.5" blocks and we talked about adding sashing between the blocks. Off to Rossville Quilts she went to get fabric for sashing.

She brought the completed top along with a pieced backing of sweatshirt fabric and we decided on a meander. There are some very thick seams where the backing is pieced, so I had to be real careful in those areas.

When she picks it up, she will get a lesson on binding,which I'm sure she will do a great job on.

Didn't she do a wonderful job!
I hope this is the beginning of a wonderful quilting hobby for her and I'm excited to show it to her.

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