Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dawn's Applique Quilt

When new customer Dawn brought me this quilt, she said that she wanted an allover quilting design. I said, "over the applique, too?" She said, "Yes."

Easy-peasy for me! But when I actually got around to loading it on Mabel, I gave her a call just to be sure. She had changed her mind, so, I'm glad I called.

The quilting isn't too intense, just a meander in the main areas, two wavy lines in the narrow border (This is my new favorite quilting, as you will see later that I have used it again), and wavy line on the stems and flowers, and veins on the leaves.

 I used the same thread throughout, Lava Bambi and cotton batting that she brought.

I would say that the majority of the quilts that I quilt have at least one fabric that I have in my stash. This one is the exception, I don't think I own or have owned a single fabric in this quilt.

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Jennifer said...

What needle do you use with Lava? That is the one thread I have lots of breakage issues with - not sure if it is needle or tension, but makes me sad because I love the colors so much!