Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sue's 2nd Batik Quilt

I think this quilt is made using the same blocks as this one. The arrangement is just different. As I was quilting it, I thought it looked a bit jumbled. Being a graphic designer, I like everything neat and aligned, but now that it's finished and I see the whole thing, I rather like it.

I used Lava Tiki thread and love how it looks. I don't use much Lave, but a friend used some on a quilt and showed a picture on Facebook the other day. It was a light bulb moment for me as I had just loaded this quilt.

She provided the batting and the panto is Whirligig. Some more close-ups of the thread:


Mimi said...

It's a fun quilt.

fiberobsession said...

I taught this class once. You make several blocks, then play with them to come up with a quilt that uses all or most of them. It really is fun to do. I have a book that details how to do it. Mine features cowboy faces in the plain blocks and horseshoes, brands, lassos, bandanas, etc. in the other fabrics.

goecker said...

Very pretty Ruthie, it is an interesting layout

Gayle Bong said...

Thanks for the closeups of the fabrics too.