Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sweet Treats and Nashville

Melinda is hosting an ice cream challange and the photos are due to her tomorrow. My flavor was rocky road and we were able to add 2 colors to our ice cream palette. I only added the pink and I finished mine just in the nick of time. I completed the quilting before I left for Nashville on Saturday and stitched part of the binding sitting on the deck sipping a cold one, enjoying the lively conversation with Julie, Marla, Angie and her sister-in-law.

Here's the quilt:

And some closeups. This was my first time trying cross-hatching and boy-oh-boy, did it ever take a long time.

EDIT: I just realized that I forgot to attach the cherries. Oh well:(

Nashville, IN
What a wonderful time I had in Nashville. We visited a winery and some local shops, enjoyed a great dinner and played cards.

Not very many purchases, but here they are:

I came home this morning so that I could finish the ice cream quilt. I think I will give it to Elizabeth for her room and should probably put a hanging sleeve on it.


Anonymous said...

That quilt is just wonderful-
You did such a great job!!


sossy said...

Love it Ruthie. Was it from a pattern or did you design it?

Mimi said...

That "Sweet Treats" is adorable. You could always add some red yo-yo's for your cherries after the fact.

Unknown said...

That is really cute. I am actually a week behind. I thought it was next week! Good job.


dianne said...

ooooh! ICE SCREAM!!! i love it!!!

and happy birthday!

Simple Midwest Mom said...

That quilt is adorable Ruthie!