Monday, February 1, 2010

A Little Pre-Retreat Sewing...

I tried out a couple of items that we may use at our upcoming guild retreat, "Spring Break In Hawaii." Of course, it's not really in Hawaii, but that's the theme and it will be fun to March! I bought a roll of pet screen at Lowe's this weekend and thought I'd try to make a small beach bag. It ended up being 14" wide x 9" high x 3" deep.

I didn't buy a pattern for the bag, just figured how big I wanted it and started sewing. The next one will be larger and have straps that go all the way around the bag.

FYI - if you have plans to make more than one of these bags, it is much more afordable to buy the stuff at a hardware store and not a quilt shop. My 36" x 84" roll was $12. I've seen this same stuff online for $5-$7 for a 18" x 36" piece. They also had a 48" wide roll for $17 or $18 that I may buy next time.

Then I got out a pattern that I may use for name badge holders. I think the instructions for these is off somewhat.

They say to stitch the velcro 1" below the top stitching on the inside pocket. Well, that means you sew the other velcro about 3" from the lower edge of the flap. It's not where I would have put it. Oh well, I still think both projects turned out well, and it was fun to just sit and create after dinner.

On another note....I just love how crinkly this quilt looked when it came out of the dryer:

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Mimi said...

I love crinkly. That quilt is just perfect. I am really loving your name badge holder. I am going to have to look for one of those. Seems to me that it would really come in handy at guilds or quilt shows. hmmmm.... Also, love, love, love the pineapple fabric you used for your bag. Thanks for sharing.