Friday, October 7, 2011

Virginia's Rail Fence

Ok, here's another one that I just LOVE! Virginia recently sent me 4 quilts to quilt and this is the first one.

It's for a guy and of course I suggested Square Spiral for the quilting.
She sent Soft n Crafty poly batting and I used Omni safari thread.

And the wild back:

I have a ziplock bag with lime and sage green leftovers just waiting for the right thing to do with them. Speaking of leftovers, what do you do with those leftover pieces from quilts. I mostly use fabric from my stash, so I don't go buy the 1 yard, or 5/8 yard pieces that I need and I often am left with pieces that I don't want to put back into my drawers because they are too small. I don't have room to have bins for them all like Bonnie Hunter does and I did away with my shoebox size scrap totes. When I finished the pillows for calise, I had these piles of leftovers:

So, I spent some time cutting them into usable pieces, mostly logs for a baby bricks quilt.


Sandy Panagos said...

That's a very cool quilt!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Love love love that Bricks Quilt -