Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Sewing Machine Service Guy's Wife

I'm sure you've heard of the car mechanic's wife driving a car with problems, or the plumber's wife putting up with a drippy faucet. Well, the wife of the sewing machine repair guy is much the same.

Last week Dan said, "You're machine probably needs to be cleaned." I replied, Maybe, but you can do if after I get back." Well, I got to the retreat and noticed it was quite noisy. I was usiing my walking foot, so I attributed the noise to that. Once I finished that project and changed the foot it still sounded the same and I couldn't stand it any more. So, I took the needle plate off and YIKES, I guess it did need to be cleaned.

I was able to get most of this cleaned up and added a drop of oil. It sounded much better and off I went. Maybe he needs to do routine service once a month on my machine.

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