Monday, December 30, 2013

BSM quilts

My Blue Star Mothers group came together to provide Christmas for a Monticello family. These boys lost their dad in Afghanistan and are living with their grandparents.

I offered to make lap quilts for them and I picked out the fabrics, two that like fishing and one that likes police cars, another Blue Star Mother, Rose, started piecing the strips and she made the pillowcases.

I finished the centers and added borders, quilted and bound them.

Police car pillowcase

There isn't a lot of police car fabric out there, but I did find this fleece for the backing.

Fishing Quilt #1 - not a very good photo :(

And pillowcase

Fishing Quilt #2

Pillowcase #2

Both fishing quilts have the same flannel backing.

Makes me feel good to know that I helped provide a family some gifts to give them comfort and keep them warm.

Thanks to Mary for this great pattern: Quick Strippie

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