Thursday, August 14, 2008

Burger Queen - Have It Your way!

Well, I got the blocks put together and the center of the top and I am not thrilled at all. Hopefully, I can put one of JudyL's borders on it to make it salvageable. This one may go to a local charity.

I know that I have a really hard time with random and I think that's part of the problem with this one. I also think if I had chosen a block that had background around all sides, like a friendship star, that it would have looked better.

Also, I admit that I am spoiled with pattern instructions that tell me which way to press my seams and have them come out in nesting perfection. Since this one was "have it your way" there was no way of knowing which blocks were going to be next to each other and the back has lots of seam switching.

When I've used Bonnie Hunter's quilt patterns I have pressed to the dark and my Carolina Crossroads quilt has nesting seams at every single intersection.


Delighted Hands said...

I think you are being too hard on yourself-this looks very much like a quilt I just saw in a magazine! Yes, borders will contain the motion of the quilt but it is gorgeous!

Candace said...

I think that it turned out very pretty. I love your background fabric, and I'll bet when it is done, you will like it better.

Helen in the UK said...

Just checking out the HeartStrings blogring for the first time!!
Love the way your BQ mystery has turned out - great job.
I'm a list maker too - for jobs to do, things to buy, etc :)