Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sweet Corn is in Season

And this little Sweet Cheeks is enjoying it!

If you live in Indiana, you know that sweet corn is in season. There are wagons with corn at several loctions around town and local gardens are full of it. Last night at Chili's, Andrew was enjoying some sweet corn as you can see here.

Can you tell that I just learned some new Picasa tricks today?

Julie and Andrew spent the night last night and then we hit some of the loss-leader school supply sales this morning....FREE POCKET FOLDERS, 1-cent rulers, pencil sharpeners and pencil boxes, 5-cent notebooks.

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janetsue2 said...

Andrew is absolutely adorable! I dropped off some quilts for Ruthie's Quilting. (I can't wait to see how she quilts them.) I got to see this little sweetie pie and I played drums with him for a little bit. I wanted to just pick him up give him kisses allover his little face. I refrained because I didn't want to scare