Sunday, September 14, 2008

Not Much Going On Here!

I can't believe I haven't posted since Wednesday. I guess there's not much happening around here. I have lots of quilts hanging in the studio to be quilted, but I've been piecing a few of my own things.

Yesterday Tammy, Shelly and I went to the Frankfort Guild's Quilt Show. What a nice little show it was. Lots of hand quilted items and our friend Helen had several quilts in it that she made and several more that she did the quilting on. Lunch at Arni's and then a stop at Hobby Lobby on the way home where Shelly picked up a few more scotties figurines and ornaments for her collection.

Carole picked up 2 of her quilts today and dropped off 2 more. One of them she wants some trapunto done and that's something I haven't tried. I think she has a lot of faith in my abilities and tends to get me to quilt outside of my little box!

I have all the blocks done for my courthouse stars quilt, although I have nowhere to lay them all out to get them all in a picture. Without any borders it will be 91x91 so I may not add borders.

I can't remember who's blog I saw the photo of one of these on, but I really liked it and drew out the pattern in Illustrator and took strips with me to camp. I had all the courthouse steps blocks finished before I left and worked on the stars this past week. I'm anxious to start putting them together.

Edit: I just figured out where I saw this one, it was on Connie's blog, and she got it from Karen's.

I also made 15 more of these Pinwheel #8 blocks. I was planning to put an aqua/green narrow border around the center of the top, but now I think I may use a red instead. The spaces between the blocks will be white sashing strips.


frida said...

Hey I love quilting it is sooo much fun.stop at my blog sometime

Melissa said...

I love your courthouse steps! Those colors are so moving to me!
I love your inspiration, thank you!