Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saturday's Road Trip to Columbus

The road trip to Columbus with Shelly and Tammy was great fun. On the way I learned that these:

aren't only used to designate a parking spot, but speed bumps as well.....and if you go over with the front tires, you might just as well keep going forward, cause it's hard to go back over them in reverse. I'm sure you can imagine the laughter that followed that one!

Of course, after that episode, this curb:

wasn't a challenge at all to our driver Shelly.

The quilt show was much inspiration. I took a few photos, and put them in a Picasa album. As a longarmer, I tend to study the quilting so much more than I did before I got my machine. I didn't get a call last night, so I guess I didn't win the raffle quilt.

The trip home included a stop at The Back Door in Greenwood, IN. What a GREAT SHOP this is! I bought patterns for a bag, a redwork project and yo-yo ornaments. I did buy 6 1930's Fat Quarters, 3 at the show and 3 at Gabrielle's in Columbus. All in all a very good day.....Thanks Shelly and Tammy.

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