Friday, September 26, 2008

Stockings For Soldiers

Since Christmas is now less than 3 months away, it's time to really work on those holiday projects. One of the projects that I have committed to this year is making Stockings for Deployed Soldiers. Barb, a member of the Heartstrings Yahoo group, posted a message about them and they are being sent to Fran in Illinois for filling and distribution. I got the pattern for Magic Stockings last year and didn't get a chance to try it. This week I have finished 2 and have a dozen or so in progress. It really is MAGIC how they are made. The most difficult part is adding the cuff, which really isn't difficult, just takes a few minutes.

Here they are sewn together, 2 linings-right sides together on top of 2 outsides-right sides together. I stitched around the sides and bottom, and then clipped the curves.

Reach inside the linings and pull them out so that the lining fabric is on the outside.

Now, reach inside the outside fabrics and pull them out so that the outside fabric is on the outside.

The cuffs are made with a scrap of fabric, the ends stitched together forming a tube, folded in half and pressed, lengthwise. A piece of ribbon at the back seam makes a little hanger.

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Delighted Hands said...

Very nice........haven't heard of this so thanks for sharing!